New Music in Progress

The new project titled, “A Work in Progress” is underway.  We have made some major progress on the songs to be included.  Most of the songs are already finished with the exception of the background and lead vocal tracks.  We hope to finish these up soon and pass the tracks on to our mastering studio for completion and release.

When the album is complete we plan to release it for sale at iTunes and several other online retailers.  Join our mailing list to the right to be updated when the project is officially released.  We also plan to have a record release concert in the early to mid-summer months.  Check back here often for updates.

In the meantime I’ve started uploading some writing demos for you to listen to.  These songs are primarily just writing demos of songs that don’t really “fit” what I want to produce and record myself.  My hope is that some other artists will pick them up and record them.

The first two uploads are country/folk styled songs that I think would be best presented by an artist in those genre.  The first is a song titled, “Where did all the Soldiers Go” about the progress of life and moves people in and out of our lives.  It specifically deals with the reality of loosing people we know who walk in the faith of Christ Jesus back into the world for various reasons.

The Second song uploaded is titled, “Wonderland” which expresses faith in the afterlife, specifically heaven.  It was started a few years ago and then completed as a funeral song, and is written from the point of view of the person who is about to slip from this life to the next.  While that seems depressing, it is meant to encourange an uplifting view of the whole thing.

Thanks again and I will be in touch soon with new information and uploades.



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