Project Tentative Release Date

The project tentative release date is now set for December 12th.  I’m excited to get this project released and start getting feedback on it.  Third Sky Studios will be working diligently over the next week editing, mixing and mastering so we can get it to press by the deadline.  Many thanks to Richard Easterling and Huston Barger for their work on this. 

VocalSessionsI also want to thank our vocalists on the project: Deana Peck, Theresa Jerome, Kenny Clay, Chavea Clay, and Johnny Bullard.  Gary Jordan for his awesome drum tracks and Chris Washington for tearin up some bass licks.

Also watch out for some live horns recorded by Sam Levine, Steve Patrick, and Roy Agee.  Great work guys.

I’ll be working on our Cover Art for the project during the next week and will be looking for some cool ideas.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BassGuitarI’ve also been working on some new songs that will not be released on this project but already getting material together for the next one.

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