Say NO to mandated and criminalized mask orders

It’s time to speak up America.  Many of you know that I expressed my concerns regarding the use of masks in general in my post entitled “The Facts About Masks.”  In that article I provide links to all the scientific research that I could find, provided many scientists and doctors opinions, and then provided my psychological and spiritual analysis on the issue.

My conclusion is this… cloth and medical masks will not stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and they may actually cause increased rates of infection and other health issues.  The real science is all linked from the article so you can make up your own mind.  Regardless of whether you choose to wear one, or whether you think they help, hopefully you can see the dangerous rabbit hole that will be opened up if we allow our government to criminalize the practice of not wearing them.

Do you want to be forced to take an untested, brand new vaccine with no long term safety tests?  Do you want to be told that you can no longer eat red meat, or meats at all?  What about soda?  (New York already doing this I think).  What if they decide that you should be fined $500 for not wearing glasses, that you don’t need to see, make it harder for you to drive, but because your doctor prescribed them, now your required to wear them when driving?

If you are a Christian, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and therefore mandating masks, vaccines or any other medical procedure upon you against your will, is a violation of your religious freedoms as well.

Just so you are equipped with the information you need, the supreme court upheld a case in 1905 giving local governing authorities the right to enforce vaccine mandates for small pox.  The court explicitly rejected the claim that “liberty” under the Constitution includes the rights of individuals to make decision about their own health in instances where those decisions could endanger others.  But the court also made clear that restrictions imposed by the government to control communicable diseases MUST have a “real or substantial relation” to protecting public health.  As you can see from the research in my article, “The Facts About Masks”, that would be an extremely difficult case to make in regards to wearing masks.

So posting angry posts on Facebook will do NOTHING to keep these things from happening.  We need to contact our local, state, and national leaders and let them know how we feel about these things.  Please use the following links to communicate them today.  I’ll even provide some text for you to copy and place in the forms…..

Dear <Name>

I am sincerely concerned about the recent trend of state and local governments to criminalize the choice to not wear a mask or face covering in public places.  ALL legitimate science confirms that cloth face masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and medical masks have little if any efficacy as well.  Scientific studies have also confirmed that cloth masks increase the likelihood of infection.  Charging or fining people who have done their research and know that not wearing a mask will better protect the health of themselves and their families is a violation of our civil and religious liberties.  I am respectfully requesting that you as my elected leader, do not issue or enforce any such action upon us, and allow all people to make informed decisions regarding their own health based on the real scientific studies that are available.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Finally I have to say that I am not a medical professional.  I do not offer medical advice in this forum but rather my opinions, and hopefully have provided you with a good resource of data on this subject.  If seeking medical advice, please consult your “holistic or preventative medicine” physician.



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