The Marco Island Sessions

The Marco Island Sessions are a collection of recordings made on Marco Island during our vacation there.  I had a great time playing and recording on the beach and at the house which included ocean, rain and water sounds in the background of each track.

I discovered that the microphone that I took was very sensitive to the ocean breeze so I made a wind tent out of a camera tripod, a beach towel, and one of Kristy’s hair clips.  Worked great.

marcorecordingI just started mastering these tracks and will upload them as I get them done.  They include several acoustic version of songs already released as well as the title track, “Marco Showers” that was actually written while on the Island.

This project will make a great relaxation CD if nothing else when done.  If you have trouble sleeping at night, give Marco Showers a try.  Hope you enjoy the tracks.

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